Espresso & Dark Chocolate Demerara Sugar, Strawberry Demerara Sugar & Citrus & Mint Demerara Sugar

Espresso & Dark Chocolate Demerara Sugar, Strawberry Demerara Sugar & Citrus & Mint Demerara Sugar

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1 Bottle of Espresso & Dark Chocolate Demerara Sugar, 1 Bottle of Strawberry Demerara Sugar & 1 Bottle of Citrus & Mint Demerara Sugar
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  • Natural

Artisan Palate

All of our artisanal salts and sugar began with our philosophy that pure, natural products simply taste and feel better: no additives, no artificial flavors, 100% natural, made with only the best ingredients available. Since the beginning, Artisan Palate has been built on our two core values: purity of product and customer experience.

Wellness Standards

  • Natural
It's chocolate and coffee sugar. Do you even have to ask? There is a natural synergy with this Dark Roast Coffee, Cocoa and Demerara sugar creation. Just try to resist Dark Cocoa and Espresso sugar and its tempting flavor! Sweet: Liberally top vanilla ice cream, then add nuts, Top chocolate chip cookies Fresh: Sprinkle espresso sugar over plain yogurt for a morning pick-me-up. Savory: Add Dark Cocoa sugar to your favorite curry, tasty with a dash of Cinnamon too. Liquid: Rim your favorite dairy-based drink. Twist: Try sprinkling on top of pancakes or American French toast. Contains no added colour preservative or MSG. Tangy and sweet, this lovely pink sugar is delicious over yogurt, doughnuts, ice cream, and scones. it's easy to use and a great addition to your cooking skills. Contains no added colour preservative or MSG. All Natural Citrus & Mint Demerara Sugar are a natural combination. Real lemon, oranges and mint added to the Demerara sugar creates a clean and refreshing taste that is never bitter. Sweet: Dust Lemon sugar over sugar cookies or pound cake. Fresh: Add a dash of Lemon sugar to fruit salads. Savory: Mix with herbs and sea salt to finish off delicious roasted potatoes. Liquid: Rim a glass of unsweetened ice tea or use it in a Mojito Twist: Mix Lemon sugar with sea salt and season peanuts. Contains no added colour preservative or MSG.
  • Made By
    Artisan Palate Pvt. Ltd.
  • Product Type
    Sugar & Salt
  • Manufacturer
    Artisan Palate Pvt. Ltd.
  • Material
    Natural Demerara Sugar, Dark Roast Espresso powder,Dark Chocolate powder. Natural Demerara Sugar, Freeze dried strawberry. Natural Demerara Sugar, Lemon zest, Lemon juice, Orange zest, Orange Juice, Mint leaves.
  • Gender
  • Length
    6.5 (in cms)
  • Breadth
    6.5 (in cms)
  • Height
    10 (in cms)
  • Weight
    450.00 (in gm)
  • Shelf Life
    12 Months
  • State of Manufacturer
    Uttar Pradesh

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Refrigerate for longer shelf life. Secure lid firmly after use. Store in a dry cool place. Shake before use