Cinnamon Honey & Saffron Honey

Cinnamon Honey & Saffron Honey

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Last Forests wild honey is medicinal and good for cold, cough, congestion and building immunity (Pack of 250 gms each).
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  • Fair Trade
  • Organic

Last Forest

Last Forest also promotes products from other areas in the country, with similar values. It runs a chain of 3 stores in Tamil Nadu. It procures produce from over 60 groups across the country and supplies to over 40 retailers.

Wellness Standards

  • Fair trade
  • Women Empowerment
The pure wild honey by Last Forest is from the tropical forests of the Nilgiris. It is collected from the single large combs of the Giant Rock Bees, Apis Dorsata, which nests on high cliffs and tall tropical trees. Traditional knowledge and hygienic methods are adopted by the indigenous community of the Nilgiris to harvest the combs. Last Forest’s wild honey is medicinal and good for cold, cough, congestion and building immunity. To add to the health benefits of this honey, it is also flavoured with ginger, pepper, saffron, etc, each adding its qualities to the sweet honey. Cinnamon Honey has been traditionally used in ayurveda for its various medicinal properties - to prevent heart diseases, treat arthritis, bladder infections and even hair loss and toothache! Saffron Honey meanwhile is a great natural sweetener and even helps digestion!
  • Made By
    Rural Women
  • Product Type
  • Manufacturer
    Last Forest
  • Gender
  • Weight
    500.00 (in gm)
  • Shelf Life
    24 months
  • State of Manufacturer
    Tamil Nadu

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