About Us

What if every time you shop, you could also change the life of somebody you care about? Ripple Effect is a social enterprise that handpicks an exotic range of products from underprivileged artisans, NGOs and sustainability ventures, and provides them with a platform that connects to millions.

Every product sold on Ripple Effect is not only meticulously designed but also symbolises a battle.

A battle against circumstances. A battle against indifference. A battle to rise above the odds you’re dealt with. When you shop here, you create a ripple that supports this battle. You make that little bit of difference, where a difference is really due.

We are a movement towards conscious living.

Sustaining the livelihood of these weaker sections of society and empowering them with the ability to drive their own earnings, is the cornerstone of our existence. It is often said that perhaps the greatest joy we can ever know, is knowing we’ve helped someone help themselves. We invite you, to experience this joy. Choose a product category or the cause you support, to begin your journey towards making a real difference.

A lack of basic necessities and opportunity, made worse by crippling poverty, impedes the development of millions in India. The nature that once surrounded us, now eludes most but it’s cries are yet to be heard. While many want to help, the problems are often so overwhelming that one does not know from where to start, or whom to approach.

Through ripple-effect.in, we wish to give individuals and corporate organizations a unique opportunity to make a difference by offerring a wide range of exquisite, high quality products, each of which have a human or sustainability related cause attached to them.

Meet The Founders

Manizaay Kaikobad

Meet The Founders

"People shop online all the time but we felt there was also a need for 'conscious shopping' on the internet. That's what led us to create Ripple Effect; a place where you can buy things you like & at the same time help a cause close to your heart."

Rashi Mehta